Physics & Informatics Laboratories

Quantum Physics meets Brain Science

Rethinking the computer from principles of critical phenomena in neural networks.

We are here to uncover fundamental principles and novel technologies that advance our information processing beyond state of the art. We explore the interdisciplinary space between quantum information science and neuroscience using optical technologies. We’ll welcome renowned researchers with bold ideas, providing the space, time and resources they need to pursue their dreams. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to build simple, efficient and practical solvers for real-world problems in our information-intensive society. We exist to rethink “computation” within the fundamental principles of quantum physics and brain science and to develop hardware and software simultaneously. NTT has a long-standing tradition of supporting basic research and delivering it to the real world. We foster an environment for physicists, computer scientists, brain scientists and electrical engineers to work together to build a new era of computation framework.

Our Partners

We are a team of quantum physicists, electrical engineers, and neuroscientists with the shared vision of building a next-generation computing machine.