Applying bioinformatics and data science to medical research


Medical & Health Informatics Laboratories

Our Mission

MEI Lab is dedicated to the medical and health sciences as they relate to Digital Twin Computing (DTC), part of the IOWN initiative.We are inspired by a future wherein medical and health science results are increasingly accessible. As more and more of our medical information is digitized, innovative advances in AI, robotics, big data and nano-miniaturization will revolutionize medicine.

For on-the-ground medical experimentation, DTC is an ideal application. Imagine administering a treatment to one’s digital twin (alter ego) in the cyber world. If the treatment does not work, doctors can move on quickly to a different approach without risk to their human patient.

MEI Lab forges ahead amid changing conditions where real world data can be supplemented with information obtained through hardware and software innovations. In this boldly imagined future, human ethics and personal dignity are fundamental and harmonize synergistically with new technologies.

Our Medical Informatics Lab (MEI) is focused on current, real world needs of individuals and the global community. We wish to integrate cross cultural patient data, systems engineering and AI with medicine to bring about a bio digital twin for diagnostics and therapies for future generations.

Professor Hitonobu Tomoike

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