MEI Lab.

Medical and Health Informatics

With leadership from professor Hitonobu Tomoike, the MEI Lab will take on the challenge of getting us to a Smart World when the astounding possibilities of technology will revolutionize patient care. Imagine a time in which all of the data that is gathered and analyzed is for the benefit of every human on the planet. Think of a single individual scanned to create an exact “digital twin” that lives in a virtual world so supercomputing AI can examine, diagnose and treat the digital twin as a roadmap to caring for a human. Now take that to everyone on the planet. Groups that share specific maladies and being able to capture and compare all data for that group. What answers might we find? What the human genome project has done will someday seem like the very beginning of the journey, just as the moon was only the beginning of the exploration of space.

Professor Hitonobu Tomoike
“In a Smart World our digital twin will be second nature technology.”