Biodigital Twin

MEI Labs’s principle goal is to build highly complex digital assets essential to patient care and well-being. Our Bio Digital Twin initiative seeks to address the increasing complexity of underlying diseases while helping to determine the best current remedies from among an ever increasing range of therapeutic options.

Development of the Bio Digital Twin is informed by a vast array of biological, physiological, genomic, phenotypic, and health records data – as well as data gleaned from wearable devices and sensors.

This Bio Digital Twin will employ a collection of high-fidelity AI and physiologically-based computational models. These coupled with advanced analytics can improve and predict the performance and health of patients over their lifetimes. Even more exciting, the accuracy of this representation will grow with time as more information refines the models. By design, data will be gathered continually to enable real-time updates.

Beyond dimensionalizing our knowledge of a patient, the Bio Digital Twin will most importantly enable predictions based on “what if” scenarios, serving as a live reference from which to build applications that improve patient care. By maintaining health through these individualized therapies, MEI Lab will revolutionize healthcare system performance and efficiencies.

Read other focus areas:

Read other focus areas: