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Cryptography & Information Security Laboratories

Our Mission

Our Cryptography and Information Security (CIS) Laboratories embark on a journey to a more secure future for everyone. Directed by NTT Fellow Tatsuaki Okamoto, our goal is to become the premier cryptography research laboratory in the world.

At NTT Research, our CIS lab sees cryptography as essential to a Smart World. As every human being is touched by technology in ways far beyond our current experience, security and privacy protection are at the core of our shared future.

By engaging only the strongest and most dedicated researchers, our lab focuses on foundational research problems in cryptography to deliver long term impact.

We explore attribute-based encryption, homomorphic encryption, and functional encryption regarding security and privacy. We are the elite in this space, but only by remaining open to discovery in unexpected places. Will quantum play a role? What will we do with blockchain? What we expect to discover along this journey will change what it means to trust.

Cryptography and Information Security Lab exists to pursue perfect (ideal) security as the ultimate goal within the context of global commerce and information exchange.


Tatsuaki Okamoto

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