Upgrade 2023: Scaling The Future

March 16 Keynote Lectures

Upgrade 2023: Scaling the Future has come and gone but the impact will be lasting. Hosted in San Francisco at the Metreon CityView and the NTT XC over two days, Upgrade 2023 explored the journey from basic research to in-market innovation. Hundreds gathered to see exhibits and hear from experts about the latest and future tech that has the potential to upgrade reality. If you wish to view keynotes from that day, you may do so here.

2021 Upgrade Reality Summit

Day 1 Keynote Lectures

Upgrade 2021 was hosted online and at our facility in Sunnyvale, CA. We gathered from all over the globe to celebrate and spark curiosity by sharing experiences, ideas, and innovations. You can view Day 1 keynotes and presentations here.
Speakers include: Kei Karasawa, NTT Research CIS Lab; Shin’ichiro Matsuo, NTT Research CIS Lab; Dan Boneh, Stanford; Sanjam Garg, NTT Research CIS Lab; Vipul Goyal, CIS Lab; Nadia Heninger, UC San Diego; Justin Holmgren, NTT Research CIS Lab; Yuchiro Kamada, NTT Research CIS Lab; Amit Sahai, UCLA; Stefano Tessaro, University of Washington
Speakers include: Joe Alexander, NTT Research MEI Lab; Jon Peterson, NTT Research MEI Lab; Daniel Burkhoff, PVLOOPS; Cory Funk, Institute for Systems Biology; David Gracias, Johns Hopkins; Bernhard Wolfrum, Technical University of Munich; Kit Parker Harvard; Kenji Sunagawa, Kyushu University; Shoji Takeushi, Center for International Research on Micromechatronics
Speakers include: Satoshi Kako, NTT Research PHI Lab; Yoshihisa Yamamoto, NTT Research PHI Lab; Hiroki Takesue, NTT Research; Timothee Leleu, University of Tokyo; Surya Ganguli, Stanford; Hidenori Tanaka, NTT Research PHI Lab; Martin Fejer, Stanford; Peter McMahon, Cornell University; Hiroki Takesue, NTT Research PHI Lab; Hidenori Tanaka, NTT Research PHI Lab; Logan Wright, NTT Research PHI Lab

2020 Upgrade Reality Summit

Speakers: Dan Boneh, Stanford; Amit Sahai, UCLA; Ran Canetti, Boston University; Hoteck Wee, NTT Research; Elaine Shi, Carnegie Mellon; Daniel Wichs, Northeastern University; Arnab Roy, Fujitsu Labs of America; Ilan Komardgodski, NTT Research; Yilei Chen, Visa Research
Speakers: Joe Alexander, MEI Labs, NTT Research; Fumiaki Ikeno, Stanford; Kunio Kashino, NTT Research; Tetsuhiko Teshima, TUM, NTT Research; Toshihiko Nishimura, Stanford; Yasue Mitsukura, Keio University
Speakers include: Franco Nori, University of Michigan; Dirk England, MIT; Zoltan Toroczkai, Notre Dame; Isaac Chung, MIT; Hideo Mabuchi, Stanford; Eli Yablonovitch, UC Berkeley; Alireza Marandi, California Institute of Technology …