We are NTT Research

Our mission is to conduct basic research and advance the technologies that become second nature to us all so they can best promote positive change for humankind.

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When East Meets West. Our Vision For A Better World.

From Japan, the land of the rising sun, we come to Silicon Valley in the land of the setting sun. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we count a single day shared by all of humankind. And we think it’s an apt metaphor for the grand journey we embark on here at NTT Research. What does a single day offer us? First, it brings opportunity for discovery, connection and collaboration. The nature of our research journey is about pursuing discovery, day in and day out, believing that a smart new world is just over the horizon. Even as every sunrise and sunset mark our days, we will mark many days with patience and perseverance in pursuit of technologies that advance a smart world.

-Kazuhiro Gomi, President and CEO NTT Research, Inc.

Who we are


A Global Technology and Business Solutions Provider

As the world changes, we face new challenges everyday. NTT provides technology and business solutions to help people and organizations solve their most significant challenges and take advantage of their biggest opportunities today and into the future. 

We are dedicated to always listen and continually innovate for the benefit of people, organizations and society.

NTT Group

Moving Forward together as Your Value Partner

NTT has a history of business innovation and technology inventions. With a 120 year heritage, we provide quality services to consumers and businesses that contribute to the improvement of people’s lives and clients’ success. Our dynamic loop logo embodies that vision of people and clients’ voice at the center and an infinite loop of innovation surrounding that.


R&D Professionals
IEEE Fellows
1 times
Awarded IEEE Milestones
100 +
Patents Granted
$ 1 billion
Invested in R&D per year
100 +
Technical papers annually