Upgrade 2021: The NTT Research Summit
Day 1 Keynote Presentation Videos

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Day 1: Opening Remarks

NTT Research CEO, Kazuhiro Gomi will kickoff the 2021 our Research Summit with a welcome to all speakers and attendees.
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Cardiovascular Bio Digital Twin Demonstration

This will be a video demonstration and discussion led by Medical & Health Informatics (MEI) Lab Senior Scientist Dr. Jon Peterson on what the cardiovascular bio digital twin could look like within a decade. This research …
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CIM on Chip Demonstration

This session will illustrate the problem-solving potential of a coherent Ising machine (CIM) by simulating a CIM on an FPGA platform. Dr. Satoshi Kako, Physics & Informatics (PHI) Lab Senior Research Scientist, will explain …
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Blockchain Panel - Smart Contract Security & Privacy

2021 saw the rise of smart contracts as the primary application for decentralized finance (DeFi). This change also dramatically raised concerns regarding the security of the underlying blockchain technology. DeFi losses …

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Attribute Based Encryption Demonstration

NTT Research Vice President of Strategy Kei Karasawa will demonstrate the interface to a product based on attribute-based encryption, which enables policy-based access control within the data layer, based off of research …

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Data Twin for a Smarter World

In this session Bennett Indart, VP SMART World team, will introduce the concept of the “Data Twin” as an essential foundation for any Digital Twin development effort. Providing examples from the NTT Smart Solutions portfolio …

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IOWN Global Forum Panel: Innovative Optical and Wireless Network Global Forum and Initiatives Toward 2030

Since NTT, Intel and Sony established a new global forum called “IOWN Global Forum” last year, the global forum community is growing together with 70 companies including NTT Research Inc. now.IOWN Global Forum’s objective …