A Fireside Chat with America’s Top CIOs

When we opened our doors in July as a different kind of Silicon Valley startup, I knew there would be plenty of opportunities going forward to explain who we are and what we do. One such occasion took form in the “CIO San Francisco” event in early November. It was a forum that allowed me to connect with IT executives, share some of my experiences as CEO of a large telecommunications service provider, and describe our mission at NTT Research.

In my “fireside chat” with moderator Macario Gallegos before an audience of regional IT leaders, we covered IT trends, such as AI and automation, priorities for digital transformation, and attributes of successful CIOs. We also leaned on my 10-plus years as CEO of NTT America to discuss what a CEO may expect from a CIO and what a good IT partnership looks like. 

There was also a chance for me to introduce NTT Research – and our larger corporate entity – to the attendees at the Marker Hotel in San Francisco. Our own launch in Palo Alto took place at the same time that our parent company, NTT Corp, was merging 28 companies, including NTT Communications, Dimension Data and NTT Security, into a single entity, called NTT Limited. We’re still getting the message out on how this reorganization is enabling our teams to deliver a more comprehensive range of technologies and services; managed services on a global scale; more in-depth industry solutions; service platforms that meet local market needs; and increased investment in innovation and R&D.

That last initiative – innovation – relates to my new role at NTT Research. Although we fall under NTT R&D, our work is less directed at product development than basic scientific research. Operating more like a think tank or university, our three labs are exploring new territories in their respective fields of cryptography, quantum computing, and medical informatics. It was a pleasure to share my excitement with this select group of IT leaders. There are great things that lie ahead for our world-class scientists and their growing network of research collaborators.