NTT Research CIS Lab to Showcase Research Breakthroughs at Crypto 2021

CIS Lab cryptographers involved in 18 papers at flagship conference

Sunnyvale, Calif. – August 16, 2021 – NTT Research, Inc., a division of NTT (TYO:9432), today announced that members of its Cryptography & Information Security (CIS) Lab authored or co-authored 18 papers that are being delivered at Crypto 2021, one of the leading international conferences on cryptologic research. Organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR), this year’s event will take place virtually August 16-20 and feature 2 invited talks, 26 sessions and more than 100 papers. The proceedings of Crypto 2021, the 41st Annual International Cryptology Conference, will be published by Springer in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. NTT Research is one of two gold-level sponsors of this year’s event.

The IACR this year called for papers on “any cryptographic topic, including but not limited to foundational theory and mathematics; the design, proposal and analysis of cryptographic primitives and protocols; secure implementation and optimization in hardware or software; and applied aspects of cryptography.” A program committee consisting of more than 50 academics evaluated the submissions and grouped the accepted papers into 15 general topics. The accepted papers associated with CIS Lab scientists fell into the following categories: signatures, multi-party computation (MPC), quantum cryptography, codes and extractors, secret sharing, zero-knowledge proofs, encryption++, lattice cryptanalysis, foundations and protocols. The largest number of papers at this year’s event address MPC, which provides ways of performing computing on encrypted data.

“We are very pleased to support this scientific organization and trust that Crypto 2021 will be a fruitful exchange of new insights into current and enduring cryptologic challenges,” said Kazuhiro Gomi, NTT Research President and CEO. “Very best wishes to all presenters at this year’s event.”

Directed by NTT Fellow, Tatsuaki Okamoto, the CIS Lab has assembled a team of world-class cryptographers over the past two years. The papers authored and co-authored by CIS Lab computer scientists (names noted with an asterisk and links to any related CIS Lab blog posts or press releases), along with their category and time slot (Eastern U.S.) on the Crypto 2021 schedule, include the following:

“On the Round Complexity of Secure Quantum Computation”

James Bartusek, Andrea Coladangelo, Dakshita Khurana, Fermi Ma*

Quantum Cryptography 1, Aug 16, 13:50

“One-Way Functions Imply Secure Computation in a Quantum World”

James Bartusek, Andrea Coladangelo, Dakshita Khurana, Fermi Ma*

Quantum Cryptography 1, Aug 16, 14:40

“Compact Ring Signatures from Learning With Errors”

Rohit Chatterjee, Sanjam Garg,* Mohammad Hajiabadi, Dakshita Khurana, Xiao Liang, Giulio Malavolta, Omkant Pandey, Sina Shiehian

Signatures, Aug 16, 13:00

“Counterexamples to New Circular Security Assumptions Underlying iO”

Sam Hopkins, Aayush Jain*, Rachel Lin

Lattice Cryptanalysis, Aug 17, 10:50

“Unconditional Communication-Efficient MPC via Hall’s Marriage Theorem”

Vipul Goyal,* Antigoni Polychroniadou, Yifan Song

MPC, Aug 17, 16:20

“ATLAS: Efficient and Scalable MPC in the Honest Majority Setting”

Vipul Goyal,* Hanjun Li, Rafail Ostrovsky, Antigoni Polychroniadou, Yifan Song

MPC, Aug 17, 16:20

“New Approaches for Quantum Copy-Protection”

Scott Aaronson, Jiahui Liu, Qipeng Liu, Mark Zhandry,* Ruizhe Zhang

Quantum Cryptography, Aug 18, 11:00

“Hidden Cosets and Applications to Unclonable Cryptography”

Andrea Coladangelo, Jiahui Liu, Qipeng Liu, Mark Zhandry*

Quantum Cryptography, Aug 18, 11:00

“Non-Malleable Codes for Bounded Parallel-Time Tampering”

Dana Dachman-Soled, Ilan Komargodski,* Rafael Pass

Codes and Extractors, Aug 19, 13:20

“Traceable Secret Sharing and Applications”

Vipul Goyal,* Yifan Song, Akshayaram Srinivasan

Secret Sharing, Aug 19, 15:20

“Time- and Space-Efficient Arguments from Groups of Unknown Order”

Alexander R. Block, Justin Holmgren,* Alon Rosen, Ron D. Rothblum, Pratik Soni

Zero-Knowledge, Aug 19, 16:20

“Limits on the Adaptive Security of Yao’s Garbling”

Chethan Kamath, Karen Klein, Krzysztof Pietrzak and Daniel Wichs*

MPC, Aug 20, 11:00

“Broadcast Encryption with Size N^{1/3} and More from k-Lin”

Hoeteck Wee*

Encryption++, Aug 20, 12:20

“White Box Traitor Tracing”

Mark Zhandry*

Foundations, Aug 20, 14:10

“Does Fiat-Shamir Require a Cryptographic Hash Function?”

Yilei Chen, Alex Lombardi,* Fermi Ma,* Willy Quach

Foundations, Aug 20, 14:10

“Targeted Lossy Functions and Applications”

Willy Quach, Brent Waters,* Daniel Wichs*

Foundations, Aug 20, 14:50

“A Logarithmic Lower Bound for Oblivious RAM (for all parameters)”

Ilan Komargodski,* Wei-Kai Lin

Protocols, Aug 20, 16:30

“Oblivious RAM with Worst-Case Logarithmic Overhead”

Gilad Asharov, Ilan Komargodski,* Wei-Kai Lin, Elaine Shi

Protocols, Aug 20, 16:30

The invited talks this year include one by Vanessa Teague on “Which e-voting problems do we need to solve?” and another by Jens Groth on “A World of SNARKS.” (A SNARK is a succinct, non-interactive argument of knowledge.) A session on the Award Papers will take place on Tuesday, Aug 17. Last year’s event featured two NTT-related Best Paper awards. Six affiliated pre-conference events held August 14-15 focus on the topics of Failed Approaches and Insightful Losses, Mentoring, Reduction Proofs in Pseudocode, Mathematical Cryptography, Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning, and Attacks in Cryptography. In addition to the two gold-level sponsors, Crypto 2021 is supported by another sponsor at the silver level and six at the bronze level.

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