NTT Research Brings ‘Viral’ & ‘Digital Doppelgänger’ to Television

This month, NTT Research made its debut on television with two commercials exploring the value of foundational research as a cornerstone of NTT’s innovation mission.

In “Viral,” we tell the story of how decades of basic research into respiratory viruses enabled the rapid development of a vaccine against the coronavirus—and posits that today’s basic research at NTT will similarly lead to future problems solved and Upgrade Reality.

In “Digital Doppelgänger,” we visualize a world benefiting from the results of research from our Medical & Health Informatics Lab: a fully realized cardiovascular bio digital twin that not only allows for purely individualized medical analysis, but the prediction and treatment of heart disease in the virtual world before it appears in the real one.

These ads will run on cable and network news programming, including CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, ABC (This Week) and CBS (Face the Nation) throughout August into early September.

The 30-second ads can be viewed below: