Cryptography is the science of protecting information that is not physically secure.Indeed, it is almost impossible to go through a day without touching cryptography.

Visit almost any website and your connection will be encrypted to ensure confidentiality. When your mobile phone apps are updated, digital signatures ensure their integrity. The password you type into your laptop is a key that encrypts its information in case the device is stolen.

Recently, several companies have sprung up offering even more advanced cryptographic capabilities such as homomorphic encryption or secure multiparty computation. And at NTT Research we have built a laboratory for next-stage cryptographic research.

We hire the top people in this field and enable them to do what they do best — fundamental research. We explore the deepest problems of foundational research. By studying problems such as obfuscation and functional encryption, we reach for the greatest heights of new functionality. With our eyes to the future, we’ll uncover bold new ideas that impact this field for many years to come.