You Know Encryption… But Do You Know What’s Coming Next?

The encryption technology that allows secure communication over the internet is several-decades old. It still works, but other approaches have emerged that improve upon the status quo. Attribute-based encryption (ABE), for instance, moves beyond the “all-or-nothing” model of the prevailing paradigm, promising greater control, efficiency and utility. This TechNewsWorld article by Hideaki Ozawa, COO/CTO at NTT Research, reviews the history of ABE; considers several uses cases that involve finer grained control, including multiple users over untrusted servers; and summarizes the case for ABE made by ETSI, the European standards group, which has issued two relevant specifications. Encryption technologies change slowly, but ABE and the even broader category of Functional Encryption are now on the horizon. You can read the full article here – “The Past, Present and Future of Attribute-Based Encryption.”