Kazuhiro Gomi Joins Panel on Leadership Strategy

NTT Research President and CEO, Kazuhiro Gomi, participated in a leadership podcast published on February 22, 2022. Hosted by The New P&L Brand Purpose Institute, a UK-based culture and management consultancy, this weekly podcast interviews entrepreneurs, business leaders and social impact investors for their views and opinions on the importance of “Principles and Leadership” (aka, the new P&L). In this episode, #176, Gomi joined two other business leaders for a virtual roundtable on the need for “audacious and resilient leadership.” The other participants were Franziska Dolak, Global Head, Digital Services & Applications, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, and John Harris, President and CEO of Worldwide Partners, Inc., the largest global network of independent advertising agencies.

“To implement audacious and resilient leadership, you need to create a community that you can trust,” Gomi said. “CEOs need to create high levels of trust across an organization. Also, the organization needs to allow employees to fail and learn from the failures.”

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