PHI Lab Team

Tim McKenna


Tim McKenna enjoys waves and particles of all kinds but focuses on light and microwaves as he probes the limits of on-chip integrated systems to perform tasks in the areas of computing, communications, and sensing. He feels driven to combine breakthroughs in quantum information science with advances in nanofabrication, thereby pushing forward the state of the art of information processing. Mr. McKenna believes the future of quantum technologies relies upon the scalable integration of systems on the surface of a chip. 


xxxFellow (2021)
xxxxInvestigator (2019)
xxxMurray Hopper Award (2015)
Presixxxdential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) (2011)
xxxFellowship (2011)
xxxxFaculty Fellowship (2011)
xxxxFellowship (2010)